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Seksee Hair Virgin Front Lace Wig Curly


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This beautiful front lace wig is made of 100% curly Indian human hair. The hair is hand tied to the first 3 inches of a Swiss lace base which gives the realistic look of hair growing from the person’s scalp. Once these wigs are on, they look totally natural with an invisible and virtually undetectable hairline. Achieve the look you want using this Front Lace Wig.

The cap construction is convenient for application with or without glue. The first 3 inches in the front of the wig are hand knotted, which gives you the flexibility of a completely natural part in any direction.

Who can use this Wig?

It is a front lace Wig exclusively manufactured for Women. It is suits for all coloured look  (ie) white,blonde and black. This wig is one of the best wig made from real human hair. Any kind of hairdo, wraps and ponytails can be done.

Still curious to know more about our Natural hair wig? It is made from real Indian temple hair. 100% Human hair and no synthetic hair.

Product Summary

  • Hair Type: Made from Indian human hair (Indus ®)
  • Texture: Natural curly texture
  • Base Material: Swiss lace base


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